[Serusers] OPTIONS method

Greg Fausak greg at august.net
Tue Mar 11 14:40:32 CET 2003

Hi Nils,

I am forwarding the OPTIONS message from the UA to my
gateway (cisco 7206 / pa-vxc-2te1+ / sip) and the
gateway is returning what looks like the answer to an
INVITE request.  I have a pretty current gateway.  The UA
tries over and over sending one after the other OPTIONS
messages. I think it doesn't like the reply from the gateway.

What is weird about the OPTIONS request is that it is
including the established Callid.

I tried grabbing the message in the Ser proxy and sending
a 486 busy.

Thanks for the help.  Most UAs do not present any problems,
but this one has been very challenging.


> Hi Greg,
> OPTIONS is a request which determines the capabilities of the 
> destination. A 
> UA or a proxy should answer with its supported features (see RFC for 
> details).
> I think Ser is currently not able to answer such a request 
> correctly. But i 
> have never seen a UA which queried the server. You can send 
> whenever you want, for example to change the connection with 
> a re-INVITE, 
> allthough it makes more sence to query the capabilities 
> before a connection.
> But OPTIONS is also used for "traceroute" (see RFC for 
> details, and sipsak for 
> an implementation) because it do not establish a call to the UA.
> Regards
>   Nils
> On Tuesday 11 March 2003 05:04, Greg Fausak wrote:
> > What, if anything, should the SER server do with a
> > OPTIONS method?
> >
> > I am receiving this method, from a phone, right after the
> > phone makes a conversation.  That is, the final ACK is
> > sent from the phone and a call is in progress when the phone decides
> > to send an OPTIONS message.  I thought OPTIONS was a pre-call
> > sort of thing, not for the current call.
> >
> > Anyway, I thought I could just capture the OPTIONS method and send
> > a 486 busy reply with sl_send_reply().  Didn't work.
> >
> > ---greg
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