[Serusers] Voicemail implementation

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Fri Jul 25 17:45:30 CEST 2003

On 25-07 11:01, Juan J. Sierralta P. wrote:
> 	Fine, but sometimes the To header comes without prefixes since probably
> the proxy of another domain added them to the R-URI.
> 	Does the missed_acc uses the To HF also ?

   Sorry, I don't follow now. In our case, the routing proxy does the

   append_hf("P-hint: OFFLINE-VOICEMAIL\r\n");

   The routing proxy simply rewrites the hostname part of Request-URI
   with hostname of the voicemail machine and forward the request there.
   The other mahine runs the script I sent yesterday.

> 	Another question: How can I check if the R-URI correspond to one of my
> subscribers ? (not the registered one) I cannot use lookup() over
> subscribers table.

   You can check if hostname part belongs to your proxy, that's what
   if (uri == myself) does. It compares all hostnames, IPs and alises of
   the host.

   If you want to check if the user in R-URI is really registered (that
   means if he does exist), you can use does_uri_exist function from uri
   module. The function checks if the username in R-URI is registered
   (i.e. it must exist in subscriber table).

> > PS: Please always CC the list.
> 	Ups ! Sorry
> 	Mailman can be setup to set reply-to to the list address.

  Yes, I know it, but from time to time people who are not subscribed to
  the list are brought into a discussion and they wouldn't see replies.

  Simply use "group reply" when replying and you're done.


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