[Serusers] Voicemail implementation

Juan J. Sierralta P. juanjo at atmlab.utfsm.cl
Fri Jul 25 18:20:29 CEST 2003

On Fri, 2003-07-25 at 11:45, Jan Janak wrote:

> > 	Fine, but sometimes the To header comes without prefixes since probably
> > the proxy of another domain added them to the R-URI.
> > 	Does the missed_acc uses the To HF also ?
>    Sorry, I don't follow now. In our case, the routing proxy does the
>    following:

	I'm not so good explaining myself in english :)

>    rewritehostport("your.voicemail.host");
>    append_hf("P-hint: OFFLINE-VOICEMAIL\r\n");
>    t_relay();
>    The routing proxy simply rewrites the hostname part of Request-URI
>    with hostname of the voicemail machine and forward the request there.
>    The other mahine runs the script I sent yesterday.

	What a I meant was: Since SER checks the To HF to get the user so its
email address for voicemail but sometimes the To URI doesn't reflect the
real created username in SER DBs, because some SIP Phone called
6389420 at xdomain and xdomain proxy prefixed "562" and forwarded to SER
since the SER user is 5626389420 at serdomain but the To HF says
6389420 at xdomain, so the username doesn't match in the DB.
	And I was wondering if SER used To HF to check if the missed call was
for one of its users but I noted that actually it logs every missed call
even if the user doesn't exist in the domain, that's why I asked how can
I check if the user actually exist in the subscriber table.
	Thanks for the support.

Juanjo sin .sig :(

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