[Serusers] Accounting with SER

Greg Fausak greg at august.net
Tue Jul 8 04:41:31 CEST 2003

> At 06:57 PM 7/8/2003, Younger Wang wrote:
> >Account is not compiled with MySQL support by default. 
> Simply uncomment the line
> >and recompile again.
> > 
> >But actually, if you want to leverage Acc module for CDR, 
> you'll get disappointed probably. In normal situation, you 
> have no problem. The trouble is, your account information is 
> based on the SIP message exchange through the ser proxy. If a 
> called failed after establishment and no further message is 
> sent by UAC and UAS. 
> That's actually not an issue specific to SIP -- it is specific to
> IP networks. There is just packets and no line which may go 
> disconnected in a way you could sense. Not too bad as long as
> both UAs are native-IP. If you provide PSTN access, you should
> buy a PSTN gateway that is able to detect a dead call and initiate 
> a BYE. Not very different from PSTN -- if you disconnect your
> handset, the other call party will hang up sooner or later.

We are using the cisco 7206vxr gear.  They report connect/disconnect
messages to syslog as well.  As you note we use the TDM disconnect
to re-enforce our SIP BYE messages.  Often the SIP BYE is missed.

> >If ser proxy queries both side of a call at certain 
> intervals, that will be ok. However, I am not sure if SIP 
> supports such status query.
> There is a mechanism called session timer. The idea is simple: make
> UA send keep-alive messages. If none arrives, call-stateful elements
> in the signaling path can remove call state.

Is there an example of the session timer with SER somewhere?


> -Jiri 
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