[Serusers] Accounting with SER

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Tue Jul 8 04:17:48 CEST 2003

At 06:57 PM 7/8/2003, Younger Wang wrote:
>Account is not compiled with MySQL support by default. Simply uncomment the line
>and recompile again.
>But actually, if you want to leverage Acc module for CDR, you'll get disappointed probably. In normal situation, you have no problem. The trouble is, your account information is based on the SIP message exchange through the ser proxy. If a called failed after establishment and no further message is sent by UAC and UAS. 

That's actually not an issue specific to SIP -- it is specific to
IP networks. There is just packets and no line which may go 
disconnected in a way you could sense. Not too bad as long as
both UAs are native-IP. If you provide PSTN access, you should
buy a PSTN gateway that is able to detect a dead call and initiate 
a BYE. Not very different from PSTN -- if you disconnect your
handset, the other call party will hang up sooner or later.

>If ser proxy queries both side of a call at certain intervals, that will be ok. However, I am not sure if SIP supports such status query.

There is a mechanism called session timer. The idea is simple: make
UA send keep-alive messages. If none arrives, call-stateful elements
in the signaling path can remove call state.


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