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MessageAccount is not compiled with MySQL support by default. Simply uncomment the line
and recompile again.

But actually, if you want to leverage Acc module for CDR, you'll get disappointed probably. In normal situation, you have no problem. The trouble is, your account information is based on the SIP message exchange through the ser proxy. If a called failed after establishment and no further message is sent by UAC and UAS. If ser proxy queries both side of a call at certain intervals, that will be ok. However, I am not sure if SIP supports such status query.

Younger Wang
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  Syslog is a standard unix facility.
  Normally, in a standard linux install, you will see
  a file named /var/log/messages.  That is where the
  accounting information will be written.

  You can groom this, for instance, if you want to
  direct the messages from SER to a special file, using
  the syslog facility.  You will need to look at the manual
  page, ie:

  man syslog.conf

  to get some ideas about this.

  The syslog entries are enabled with the lines:

  loadmodule "/usr/ser/lib/ser/modules/acc.so"
  modparam("acc", "log_level", 1)
  modparam("acc", "log_flag", 1 )
  modparam("acc", "log_fmt", "miocfsu" )



  I can't comment on the accounting module for mysql, but I imagine
  that is described by the accounting README.txt file in the appropriate
  module directory.

  Our implementation scans the syslog files and writes into a postgres
  database the call accounting stuff.

  There is a bit of a learning curve involved with this.  However, the
  programming documentation is very good and this list is great for
  when you get stumped, but only then :-)

  Greg Fausak
  Addaline.com, Inc.

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    I would like to get more information on accounting with SER.

    Ok, I followed the documentation about accounting but it doesn't give enough information about how to retrieve the accounting information. It just says that Reports are by DEFAULT sent to the syslog facility. Where is that syslog? How do I retreive that information? Is it possible to put that information in the MySQL database? How?
    That is by DEFAULT; so, is it possible to change that default location?

    Some gurus will realize how NEWBIE I am in the Linux World.
    Please help me.

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