[OpenSER-Docs] module docs: internal anchors

Henning Westerholt henning.westerholt at 1und1.de
Wed Mar 12 12:33:34 CET 2008

On Monday 10 March 2008, Daniel-Constantin Mierla wrote:
> first, after reviewing a bit latest changes to module docs, I discovered
> that we renamed module_user.xml to module_admin.xml, but we forgot about
> chapter's title, it is still "User's guide". Should we replace it with
> something more suggestive?

Hi Daniel,

perhaps we can name this 'Admin Guide', or 'Module Reference'? I think it 
would make sense to replace this with an entity if we change this now, to 
make further changes easier.

> Second, coming to something was a bit touched in past discussions. It is
> about adding ID attribute to sections and examples. That will help to
> get persistent links inside a document. The issue is that we have
> modules with same parameter name, also, perhaps modules with many
> sections for same function (with different number of parameters), so we
> should come up with some rules to avoid conflicts.
> A pattern can be:
> [..]
> In this way we ensure naming space within module. The bad might be that
> modulename is quite long sometime, alternative will be to allocate an ID
> per module, but we get to these IDs management, which, makes no sense,
> in my opinion. In addition, having a clear pattern for ids, will help to
> write the links by hart, although this is not something that important.
> Updates will be done as we go, but we should enforce for new additions.

Sounds good. Some modules uses also a abbreviated form as internal prefix, 
e.g. 'ul' for usrloc. But for me its fine to use complete module name.



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