[OpenSER-Docs] Doc Improvements

Henning Westerholt henning.westerholt at 1und1.de
Wed Mar 5 17:50:56 CET 2008

On Wednesday 05 March 2008, Edson wrote:
> About Your concerns, I'd answer "yes and no"... I agree that this are
> tecnichal information and are generated in an "automatic" way (Doxygen)...
> I also know how usefull it can be to an advanced user who whats/need to
> know what a especific function will do. Only to defend this point, last
> week (or so) there was a discussion on IRC where Ovidus rose a point that
> was not covered by the documentation and also nos stated on Doxygen: what
> changes where introduced by a function on the SIP-Message or on the
> internal parameters (like timers, PV, etc).

Hi Edson,

sure, but if nobody bothers to document this stuff it doesn't matter where the 
information is missing. The function that is exported from the module to the 
config script don't match exactly to the C function that lays behind it. So i 
think that showing users that information will only add confusion.

> Getting back on what You wrote, I also agree that this kind of information
> don't belong to a README file, but since this is the only module
> documentation available nowadays, sorry, but, where should this information
> belong to? Where should they be defined?

> In my modest oppinion, the README, even thinked as an user introduction
> doc, is today the best point to insert this kind of information. In a
> strutured way, for sure.

Well, its possible to provide general overview pages in doxygen. So it would 
be great to have such pages for every module that exports a API that is used 
from some other modules, for example. But this is at the moment not 

> Another consideration is that You say that Doxygen changes, but I think
> that this is valid only for trunk version. Stable ones are more immutable.
> So the inter-dependence graphs could be inserted (not in TXT version, but
> in HTML, PDF, etc). But if You asked me how to integrate them, I have to be
> honest and say that just know I really don't know... I can figure that in
> DOCs compilation, Doxigen has to be runned, but that's another story... ;)

Sure, for stable releases there will be no major changes. But i don't think 
that its worth all the work at the moment, especially given the state of the 
doxygen documentation for now. 

Lets look at an example, for the domainpolicy module: 

The information from the dependency graphs are that this modules depends on 
the parser (that is not configurable) and the DB interface. This information 
should also stated in the module documentation.



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