[sr-dev] alias_contact()/handle_alias() ready for testing

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Mon Nov 9 09:22:31 CET 2009

Iñaki Baz Castillo writes:

 > What about calling alias_contact() just in case nat_test() detects the 
 > following two requeriments:
 > 1) The IP in Contact is private.
 > 2) There is no ";alias" param in Contact URI.
 > Of course a new nat_test flag would be needed for point 2.


the rule is: do not call alias_contact(), when request or reply comes
from a proxy.  so even if there is no ;alias in contact, alias_contact()
must not be called when request or reply comes from a proxy.

the question is, is it possible to somehow detect it.  for initial
requests, proxy can be detected based on existence of an rr header.

regarding in-dialog requests, perhaps that could be detected if proxy
adds into rr header an param telling that request came from a proxy.
it might then be possible to test that param in in-dialog requests.

lets think it more.

-- juha

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