[SR-Dev] database API merge to master branch

Henning Westerholt henning.westerholt at 1und1.de
Fri Feb 13 11:30:45 CET 2009

On Friday 13 February 2009, Jan Janak wrote:
> I updated the master branch and added both versions of the database API.
> The database library of SER 2.0 is in lib/srdb2, the database library of
> kamailio is in lib/srdb1. There is the full history of the kamailio
> database library, that's why there is so many commit messages in the
> previous email.

Hi Jan,

great work, thank you. :-)

> I will send a script to update other modules later tomorrow and also upload
> the updated mysql driver which works with both versions of the database
> library (i.e. that module should work with both ser and kamailio).

Ok, i'll test then. I checked, it seems you included also the refactoring i've 
done somewhere in december for the DB core of kamailio, after the repeated 
suggestions of Jeremy..? 

I did a short compile of the driver, and get this warning on my system:

gcc [...] db_val.c -o db_val.o
In file included from ../../mem/../lock_ops.h:86,
                 from ../../mem/shm_mem.h:77,
                 from ../../ut.h:68,
                 from db_key.h:34,
                 from db_ut.h:58,
                 from db_val.c:25:
../../mem/../futexlock.h: In function ‘futex_get’:
../../mem/../futexlock.h:94: warning: implicit declaration of 
function ‘syscall’



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