[Devel] RADIUS Dictionary

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Tue Nov 14 00:02:55 CET 2006

Peter Nixon wrote:
> Why is it that neither SER nor OpenSer has submitted the SER radius dictionary 
> for inclusion in FreeRADIUS??? I notice all the documentation explains how to 
> copy it in, but the correct solution would be to have it as a vendor 
> dictionary and be done with it. Does anyone have anything against me 
> committing it to FreeRADIUS cvs? I also notice that it doesn't currently have 
> a vendor number from IANA at the top (has everyone just been too lazy to 
> apply for one?). The author of the radius module should apply for one, or 
> alternatively we can just use mine (26514)
> We have a new stable FreeRADIUS release due out in the near future (days or 
> weeks at most) so a quick decision will allow for inclusion in what should be 
> the final release of the 1.1x branch.
> Waiting for replies/flames before I do anything...

I think this is a great idea that will reduce a lot of installation hassles.


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