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Peter Nixon listuser at peternixon.net
Mon Nov 13 23:35:44 CET 2006

Hi Guys

I am new to the list so first a quick intro.

I have around 5 years experience with VoIP and many more with IP Networks and 
Linux. I randomly poke at the code of many open source projects when the 
need/fancy strikes. (A quick google search will find them) I am also one of 
the core FreeRADIUS developers, and the founder of the openSUSE 
server:telephony package group. (See 
for an index). This means that I maintain the packages for SER, openSER and 
mediaproxy as well as numerous other telephony related packages. I also have 
some other networking, messaging and monitoring related projects but they are 
not relevant here. (If you notice problems with any of my packages please let 
me know so I can fix them)

Now for the question.

Why is it that neither SER nor OpenSer has submitted the SER radius dictionary 
for inclusion in FreeRADIUS??? I notice all the documentation explains how to 
copy it in, but the correct solution would be to have it as a vendor 
dictionary and be done with it. Does anyone have anything against me 
committing it to FreeRADIUS cvs? I also notice that it doesn't currently have 
a vendor number from IANA at the top (has everyone just been too lazy to 
apply for one?). The author of the radius module should apply for one, or 
alternatively we can just use mine (26514)

We have a new stable FreeRADIUS release due out in the near future (days or 
weeks at most) so a quick decision will allow for inclusion in what should be 
the final release of the 1.1x branch.

Waiting for replies/flames before I do anything...



Peter Nixon
PGP Key: http://www.peternixon.net/public.asc

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