[Kamailio-Users] adding a new event package

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 09:31:16 CET 2009


On 23.11.2009 13:38 Uhr, Aymeric Moizard wrote:
> I'm experimenting some modification in kamailio to
> add support for a new "SIP event package". Unfortunalty,
> it seems the parser of kamailio and its presence module
> both are limited to accept:
> #define EVENT_OTHER          0
> #define EVENT_PRESENCE       1
> #define EVENT_SIP_PROFILE    3
> #define EVENT_XCAP_CHANGE    4
> #define EVENT_DIALOG         5
> #define EVENT_MWI            6
> #define EVENT_DIALOG_SLA     7
> If any other module define support for a new event package,
> the presence module will not accept the subscription and
> reject it with 489 because it is considered an EVENT_OTHER.
> I'm working with 1.5.x branch. Would that be different in
> newer core?
it is the same architecture of the presence server implementation, just 
the event parser from core is slightly different.

> If I propose to write a patch, would you consider it?
yes, that would be good. At this time I see you sent already one, I will 
> What alternative do I have to add unknown event package
> as module without modifying the core? Did I missed any
> key?

The event id is used to identify the records in db, you should take care 
of that. Probably is better to change it to the string version as it is 
not a big improvement now, or at least allow easy extensibility without 
hardcoding values.


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