[Kamailio-Users] openser and asterisk auth problem.

Andrew V.Statsenko alter at siptalk.ru
Thu Dec 18 12:23:22 CET 2008

18/12/2008 в 11:31 +0100, BERGANZ François wrote:
> Can you explain me a little more please?

Well, I will try, but I not sure that I can ;-) Also, sory for my bad

If I understand your task correctly (not sure) , in my point of view you
can make this service logic:

- user 1001 send initial INVITE to your service
- Kamailio frontend ask your OSS/BSS and check that user 1001 in service
(if not - reply Forbidden)
- Kamailio send 407 Proxy authorize to the user
- user send INVITE with Authorization header
- Kamailio check authorization & verify that Authorization: Digest
username="1001".. header & From: 1001 at ... headers have same user.
- Kamailio make a decision to which Asterisk backend send this call and
proxy it

Here the end of Kamailio frontend tasks.

- Asterisk start to execute dialplan
- Asterisk take user info 1001 from 'From' header and write this to CDR
- Asterisk terminate this call to the needed peer, IVR, queue or other
App Server as you need.

Here the end of Asterisk backend tasks. 

In this case Asterisk working only as transit switch, codes translator
or application server.

If you are not very familiar with Kamailio, may be you take a look for
http://siprouter.teigre.com/doc/gettingstarted/ - we are need to talk at
same language ;-)

BTW, this backend (Asterisk) is not very scalable. IMHO.


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