[Kamailio-Users] is_present_hf function

Antonio Reale ant.reale at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 17:31:48 CET 2008

Hi all,
I have a problem with the is_present_hf function from TEXTOPS module.
In the script (openser 1.2.3-notls) I have:
                xlog("L_ERR", "Proxy-Authorization header present\n");

When the proxy receives the BYE message I see in the log:
Dec 10 16:00:54 sipsvr /usr/sbin/openser[12846]: Proxy-Authorization header
Dec 10 16:00:54 sipsvr /usr/sbin/openser[12846]: consume_credentials(): No
authorized credentials found (error in scripts)

Tracing the call I don't see any Proxy-Authorization header in the BYE
message. Why the function is_present_hf returns true?
Attached you will find debug messages from Openser/Kamailio and the BYE.
I see the problem using Kapanga softphone, but the same problem occurs in
production environment with different CPEs (for instance Linksys SPA2102).
The strange thing is that it occurs only when kapanga is the caller (and
hungup) and not when it is the callee (and hungup).
Using wireshark I see that the BYE is the same in both situation.
How can I debug this problem?
Thanks a lot.

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