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harry gaillac gaillacharry at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 29 14:13:30 CET 2005


1.4.3. PBX Replacement

Replacing a traditional PBX in an enterprise can
achieve reasonable savings. Enterprises can deploy a
single infrastructure for both voice and data and
bridge distant locations over the Internet.
Additionally, they can benefit of integration of voice
and data.

The SIP Express Router scales from SOHOs to large,
international enterprises. Even a single installation
on a common PC is able to serve VoIP signaling of any
world's enterprise. Its policy-based routing language
makes implementation of numbering plans of companies
spread across the world very easy. ACL features allow
for protection of PSTN gateway from unauthorized

SIP Express Router's support for programmable routing
and accounting efficiently allows for implementation
of such a scenario. 

--- sip <sip at arcdiv.com> a écrit :

> On Tue, 29 Nov 2005 12:09:09 +0100 (CET), harry
> gaillac wrote
> > SER is more than a proxy .
> > Read the ser 's admin guide.
> All right. I'll bite. 
> " Based on the latest standards, the SIP Express
> Router (SER) includes support
> for registrar, proxy and redirect mode. Further it
> acts as an application
> server with support for instant messaging and
> presence including a 2G/SMS and
> Jabber gateway, a call control policy language, call
> number translation,
> private dial plans and accounting, ENUM,
> authorization and authentication
> (AAA) services. SER runs on Sun/Solaris, PC/Linux,
> PC/BSD, IPAQ/Linux
> platforms and supports both IPv4 and IPv6. Hosting
> multiple domains and
> database redundancy is supported."
> Now... somewhere in there, you read "SER is more
> than a proxy and should be
> able to do anything I want it to... for free... and
> support should be free as
> well."   I'm not sure WHERE you read that, but
> perhaps you can point it out to
> me. 
> > 
> > Anyway I ask for advice how to use ser with
> asterisk .
> > Harry
> Do you bother the Asterisk people as much as you
> bother everyone else?
> I'm not a SER expert, Harry. Hell, I'm not an expert
> at ANYthing, but somehow
> I've managed on my own and without pestering the
> Asterisk or SER lists daily
> to implement a commercial solution using a mixture
> of both SER and Asterisk
> without any real hitches so far. Now, it may not be
> the most ELEGANT solution
> imaginable, but it works and works well. 
> Is it your lack of English skill that's keeping you
> from being able to
> research a solution? Is it your lack of systems
> skills? Perhaps it's your lack
> of basic understanding of the technologies involved
> (which may again lead back
> to your lack of English skill).  It's certainly not
> that the information isn't
>  available and can't be discovered with some careful
> effort. 
> Perhaps if it's just the language problem, you could
> find a friend with better
> skills who could help... or you could just
> communicate in your native language
> and find someone who might be able to understand
> better what sort of problems
> you're up against. 
> From your statements here, it's pretty clear that
> you're not really even
> INTERESTED in figuring this out on your own. You'd
> rather just ask other
> people to do it for you. And when no one has time or
> inclination to help,
> you'd rather just demand that they drop what they're
> doing and help you. 
> That's so NOT the way to solicit assistance. No one
> wants to help a petulant,
> whining fellow who tries to bully them or guilt them
> into helping out. 
> Okay... let's try this one FINAL time. 
> If you are having problems with MOH, or reinvites
> not working properly through
> asterisk for the purpose of reducing media stream
> bandwidth, or other PBX
> functions, this IS NOT A SER ISSUE. Ask an Asterisk
> guru. 
> And heaven help them if they say they don't know
> what you're talking about. 
> N.


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