[Users] t_check_status

Douglas Garstang dgarstang at oneeighty.com
Sun Nov 27 05:04:23 CET 2005

I have read the tm documentation, many many times. I guess I don't follow, probably because I didn't write the code.
The docs for tm say that setting fr_timer_avp overrides fr_timer. So? Why does it need to be overridden? Why not just use fr_timer?
If the lcr module doesn't have any timers of it's own, then what these for...?

I really don't even get the point of what an AVP is. Something to do with databases. I don't see why database interaction is needed to set a timer. That's crazy.

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	Douglas Garstang writes:
	 > Why do I need to set this timer using an avp? Is this mandatory? Why?
	read tm documentation.
	 > I find it hard to believe I need to integrate with a database to set
	 > a timer. Why can't I just set the other timers instead? And, as
	 > before, what's the relationship between them? Why don't the lcr
	 > timers have an effect? In fact, why are they even there? They don't
	 > seem to have any use.
	lcr module doesn't have any timers of its own.  it just uses tm timers.
	 > And you didn't answer my question about t_check_status. That has
	 > nothing to do with timers. t_relay() times out, t_check_status is
	 > used to check the code of the last SIP message, which was null
	 > because there _was no_ reply, and somehow t_check_status magically
	 > matches 408|500|503....?
	i only responded to your lcr related question. t_check_status has
	nothing to do with lcr.
	-- juha

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