[Users] Questions

Douglas Garstang dgarstang at oneeighty.com
Sun Nov 27 01:23:44 CET 2005

I would REALLY appreciate if someone could answer the following questions for me.
1. What is the definition of a 'negative' result in relation to t_reply()? I am seeing situations where t_relay() seems to think that 407 Proxy Auth is a negative result, because a previously set t_on_failure is executing when it connects to the gateway sucessfully.
2. Under what circumstances does t_reply() return 0, and under what circumstaces does it return -1? Seems like it always returns 0, no matter what happens.
3. When t_relay() fails to connect to a gateway, if t_on_failure(N) had previously been set, where does execution jump to t_on_failure(N)? It isn't right after t_relay() returns, and it isn't _within_ t_relay, so where is it? Is it at some arbitrary point? Is it after the current route() block ends?

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