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Douglas Garstang dgarstang at oneeighty.com
Sat Nov 26 03:19:56 CET 2005

And just what is 'sequential forwarding' anyway? I just searched through every single module one-by-one at openser.org (which is painful when you don't know what module a specific piece of documentation is in) and could not find any reference to 'sequential forwarding' except when the lcr module says it uses it. So, what is it exactly? Where's the documentation that points to how it works?
I really don't think my questions are unreasonable, and I'm not trying to be difficult. I wouldn't be asking these questions if I knew or could find the answers. As I said, I'm just trying to find a solution to a problem which is ultimately _SOME_ degree of round-robin and redundancy in what is otherwise a great product. At this point it looks like round-robin is just not feesible with OpenSER. I'll settle for redundancy... ie trying another server if one is down.

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	Yes. I have read sections 1.3.17 and 1.3.18 of the module documentation for lcr.
	That's why I made the post.
	Section 1.3.17 says:
	'Sets the value of the fist INVITE's Final Response timeout to be used during sequential forwarding:"
	Section 1.3.18 says:
	"Sets the value of the next INVITE's Final Response timeouts to be used during sequential fowarding:"
	So, I went and set:
	and it had no effect on the timeout that t_relay() used.
	However, when I set:
	modparam("tm", "fr_timer", 1)
	it _DID_ have an effect in the timeout that t_relay() used.
	I _have_ experimed with the variables and functions WAY more than I would have if the documentation was complete. Experimenting with the functions showed me that t_relay() is always returning 0, even when there is a failure.
	My question therefore stands. Why does setting fr_inv_timer and fr_inv_timer_next have no effect? What is the relationship between the settings in the tm module and the lcr module? Why are there two settings? Which should I use? Why does t_relay() always return 0 even on failure? I could be doing things completely wrong, as there is a lack of good examples accompanying the documentation, and it's easy to see the documentation was written by the same people who wrote the code - there's an assumed level of knowledge when reading it that most people don't have.
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	        Douglas Garstang writes:
	         > I just managed to set the timeout with fr_inv_timer from the tm
	         > module, and it seems to have the right effect. So, what are
	         > fr_inv_timer and fr_inv_timer_next in lcr module for then???
	        before you sent this message, have you checked sections 1.3.17 and
	        1.3.18 of lcr README file?
	        you should read all existing documentation, experiment with the
	        variables and the functions and if you after that still have problems,
	        you post your message to the list.
	        -- juha

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