[Users] Please help...... how to configure outgoing calls to pstn gateway

Lokesh Kumar lokesh at interacesso.pt
Wed Nov 23 21:11:48 CET 2005

Hello Friends,

I am having openser, some sip clients registered on it.how do I have to configure openser.cfg and/or pstn.cfg.Inorder to make call from sip clients to outside number. I can call from outside number to my sip clients. but other way around is not working.

                My mobile ---->-------->|  PSTN GW |--------->------->|OPENSER|---------->--------->| SIP CLIENT|          This is working fine

                My mobile <-------<-------|  PSTN GW |<-------<-------|OPENSER|<--------<----------| SIP CLIENT|            This case is not working

I am not getting any log related to my outgoing call on openser , through ngrep.

Please help,


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