[Users] Re: Cesc ask for expelling Harry

harry gaillac gaillacharry at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 23 12:49:06 CET 2005


Your topics are not polished and let me know your
topics reach a dead-end.

I think i have to refresh your memory.
I mail a problem I can't solve so i sent it on these

I thought than experienced users could help me
unfortunately without an answer so i resent this mail
many times  unfortunately without an answer again .

The most astonishing is that some people prefer to
reply causing mails instead of help people when it's


> I am not answering anymore ... this harry-topic is
> the second or third
> time around and it stinks already... we have talked
> about it, long
> enough, each given his/her opinion, either harry or
> the rest of the
> world are stupid or just don't get it ... i think we
> reached a
> dead-end.


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