[Users] Cesc ask for expelling Harry

Marc Haisenko haisenko at comdasys.com
Wed Nov 23 12:32:42 CET 2005

I've got a proposal for you:

Find someone with good english skills (a friend, coworker, relative, whoever). 
Try to explain to him/her your problem:
* what you want to do
* what you have done to make it work
* what your setup looks like right now
* what you expect it to do instead
* where you need more information.

Another hint is to break everything down in separate tasks you need to get 
accomplished, that is don't try to solve the whole problem at once but try to 
solve smaller sub-problems first.

Then have this person write it down in english for you. Attach your 
configuration files. Post ONLY to one mailing list, and choose a descriptive 

Maybe this will finally help.
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