[Serusers] Re: [Users] open letter

Stefan Prelle s.prelle at broadnet.de
Tue Nov 22 14:39:03 CET 2005

Hi Harry,

Am Dienstag, den 22.11.2005, 14:11 +0100 schrieb harry gaillac:
> > > I posted many mails in the past in order to find
> > some
> > > help to solve a problem.
> > > Some people can't answer however I don't think ALL
> > > people on these lists can not give me a way .

I just checked your last mails to this list and found that about 
a half of them just has no content (today, 10:32, 21st Nov 18:49 ...)
- at least in my mail client.

And I can just agree with Atle: Nobody is ignoring your mails on
purpose. Some people may have answers to your questions, but maybe they
are too busy to reply or simply don't feel like it at the very moment
they read it. Nobody is paid to do so and you cannot demand good will.

I also have an unanswered question and of course a bunch of "Sorry, No
clue" mails would help me in a way that I know I don't need to hope for
a hint any longer, but I just have to accept when there are no replies.
> I'm tired of the kind of people like you who waste its
> time to advice .
> You're not the moderator so if you can help don't
> pollute the list

And do you think that this kind of reaction will help you get more
replies in the future?
Shutting up someone who is reacting to your open letter isn't the most
clever thing to do ;-)


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