[Users] OpenSER Capability query

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Mon Nov 21 11:03:10 CET 2005


OpensSER and SER have common roots, but looks they go on different 
direction from the point of view of what feature are present and what 
are the priorities in developing.

As OpenSER is just SIP proxy, it handles only the signalling part 
without implications on the media side....for media processing you may 
look at Asterisk.


Rahul Iyer wrote:

>Hello Group,
>I am a new user to this software. I have a couple of questions, and would
>really appreciate if someone can take time to clarify.
>1. Is OpenSER the same as SER? If no, is there a huge difference?
>2. Does any of the above have any media processing capabilities? Eg, say
>    there are 2 SIP endpoints one can talk only G711 and the other only G729.
>    Can SER/OpenSER act as a Gateway for these 2? I would assume no,
>    but are there any modules that can enable this?
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