[Users] Routing to NATed gateways

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Tue Nov 8 16:29:32 CET 2005

Hi Leonid,

the scenario you are probing might be already doable. Set in the LCR 
table some IP addresses which will be used as aliases: private addresses 
in 10.10.x.x class for example. Then register this IPs in usrloc 
pointing to the real GWs address.
So you can do lcr (next_gw) and then lookup.

for this to work, lcr must operate on RURI and not on DST_URI (not sure 
how exactly is working).


Leonid Fainshtein wrote:

>I'd like to use OpenSER for routing calls to NATed gateways. I also want
>to support the LCR feature. Unfortunately, the current LCR module
>doesn't support NAT. I mean that the gateway IP addresses must be
>defined explicitly  in the "gtw" table. Now I'm looking for a way to
>force OpenSer to use information from the "location" table.
>I want to write a module that will have the similar functionality like
>the current LCR module has but resolving procedure will be more
>complicated (not based on prefix and From only). The module should build
>avp list where each gateway will have symbolic user name. For example,
>g1, g2 etc. The gateways will also be registered on the proxy with those
>names. Then I think it will be possible to call lookup("location") after
>successful call the next_gtw() from the script.
>Is it feasible? Is there another way to solve my problem?
>Thank you in advance,
>Leonid Fainshtein 
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