[Users] OpenSER now in FreeBSD ports tree

Jesus Rodriguez jesusr at voztele.com
Tue Nov 8 11:39:41 CET 2005


OpenSER port has been committed in FreeBSD ports tree. The port will
also appear as a package in the next packages build.

There are two ways to install a port in FreeBSD. Both methods require to
update the ports tree (with cvsup or tarball). Once the port tree is

If portupgrade tool is installed just do:

 	portupgrade -N openser

If portupgrade is not used or you prefer the usual/old method:

 	cd /usr/ports/net/openser
 	make install clean

The port allows to select some compile options like TLS support and
database support for MySQL and/or Postgres.

Some OpenSER packages have been generated for different FreeBSD versions
(4.x, 5.x and 6.0). To install the package version just do:

pkg_add http://openser.org/pub/openser/latest/packages/FreeBSD/xxxx

where xxx is the package version you want to install. Use that URL to
know the existing packages.

When the package appears in the next official build, you will only need
to do:

pkg_add -r openser

to install the package... easy, right? ;)


Jesus Rodriguez
VozTelecom Sistemas, S.L.
jesusr at voztele.com
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