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Iqbal iqbal at gigo.co.uk
Wed Nov 2 13:13:01 CET 2005

The basis behind the query was because the CEO of SBC said a few days 
ago that they "may" start charging companies like Vonage


Roger Lewau wrote:

>Interesting thought, but I dont see why there would be a need or even a wish 
>to charge once for the Internet access with an agreed Speed or data transfer 
>limit, and then again for the type of traffic unless that specific traffic 
>is treated differently in the ISP network, as wth higher CoS. Why else would 
>they care what kind of traffic you are running on your connection as long it 
>is kept within the agreed speed/data transfer limit? But giving voip traffic 
>different CoS over the providers network as a differentiator to enable voice 
>traffic billing does not seem logical unless all providers on Internet do 
>the same, and map the CoS between the providers at peering points.
>I do not see how the VoIP providers would ever accept such an approach from 
>any ISP. 
>IP traffic is IP Traffic! You pay for the amount of traffic you send and 
>receive. More traffic equals higher revenue for the ISP, no need to charge 
>traffic differently just because the traffic happens to be VoIP and the ISP 
>has its roots in Telecom industry. I believe that the natural development of 
>this would be that most of the ISPs also start to offer the VoIP services. 
>It make a lot more sense to use the ISP as the VoIP provider than any remote 
>provider, since that will increase performance, reliability and make the 
>whole 911 issue and technical troubleshooting a lot easier. I strongly 
>believe that the ISPs at all levels will most likely replace the old PTTs 
>over the next 5-10 years. And in the case of PTTs also being an ISP, lucky 
>I think, Companies like Vonage probably will be outrun by ISPs providing 
>VoIP in the long run, but they will stay behind as alternate providers or as 
>gateways to the old pstn networks. 
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>>i was looking into a model where ISP may charge (SBC is already thiking
>>of charging Vonage :-)), now if an ISP wanted to charge, all they would
>>need is to extract the INVITE, BYE and all the stuff in the middle, to 
>>do some billing per VoIP provider sending traffic on there network, is 
>>anyone aware of any sniffers which could do this not from a proxy, but 
>>from the network level at a ISP end.
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