[Users] Re: [Serusers] Help with MySQL acc query

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Tue Nov 1 20:37:34 CET 2005

On 11/01/05 20:46, Evan Borgstrom wrote:
>     If a UA doesn't change it's call id on every new transaction or it 
> reuses call id's then drop support for the UA in your network and tell 
> the vendor to fix their broken implementation. I'm tired of seeing 
> little kludges to deal with one or two broken vendors.
> Section of RFC 3261:
>    In a new request created by a UAC outside of any dialog, the Call-ID
>    header field MUST be selected by the UAC as a globally unique
>    identifier over space and time unless overridden by method-specific
>    behavior.  All SIP UAs must have a means to guarantee that the Call-
>    ID header fields they produce will not be inadvertently generated by
>    any other UA.
Here is where the problem usually occurs. Most of the UA I have seen 
relies on IP address to fulfill this requirement, but this fails in the 
case of private addresses. Usually, the call id is in the form of 
"some_hash at ip".

According to RFC, what really identifies the call is call-id, from-tag 
and to-tag, so in my opinion is better to use all of them. If you 
control the type of user agents in your network, then you can do a lot 
of optimization everywhere, in an open environment you have to be 
prepared for the worst (btw: I am not at all voip service 
provider/itsp). Just for example, the person implementing serweb chose 
the same approach, to check the tags when getting cdrs, too.


>     AFAIK there's no method specific behavior for INVITE's that would 
> warrant the UA's reusing call-id's...
> -Evan
> Daniel-Constantin Mierla wrote:
>> Be careful because some user agents use same call id many times. To 
>> be 100% sure, you have to check the From and To tags, too.
>> Cheers,
>> Daniel
>> On 10/31/05 17:31, Evan Borgstrom wrote:
>>> Here's a query to find "active calls".
>>>     t1.from_uri as orig_number,
>>>     t1.to_uri as term_number,
>>>     DATE_FORMAT(t1.timestamp, '%a %b %D %Y, %h:%i:%s %p') as calldate,
>>>     t1.sip_callid as callid
>>> FROM
>>>     acc t1
>>>     t1.timestamp > (NOW() - 14400) AND
>>>     t1.sip_method='INVITE' AND
>>>     t1.sip_callid NOT IN (SELECT t2.sip_callid FROM acc t2 WHERE 
>>> t2.sip_method = 'BYE')
>>> The calldate is formatted a way that I prefer (eg. Mon Oct 31st 
>>> 2005, 09:49:20 AM), feel free to change it. The other thing to note 
>>> is "t1.timestamp > (NOW() - 14400)", this sets the query to only 
>>> find INVITEs in the last 4 hours to handle situations where INVITEs 
>>> are sent but BYEs aren't.
>>> -Evan
>>> Daryl Sanders wrote:
>>>> I'm trying to come up with a query on the acc table that will return
>>>> all INVITES that don't have a matching BYE. I'm basically looking for
>>>> sessions that are currently open.
>>>> - Daryl
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