[SR-Users] MANAGE_REPLY: do_action(): bad uri: How to mirror username changes from the invite to all replies?

Benoît Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Fri Sep 9 12:00:59 CEST 2022

Hey there!

Kamailio is being used between CPE (customer) and IC.

Towards IC we use e164 numbers

Towards customers we use 'localized' numbers and also ensure that
Privacy is enforced by setting usernames to 'Anonymous' if Privacy is
set to id, remove unwanted header etc.

I realized, that I have to apply the same translations to replies and
re-invites to make sure, they do not leak unwanted information
towards the customer.

But when I try to set:


$fU,$rU,$tU within MANAGE_REPLY

I get: do_action(): bad uri

Just removing unwanted header works fine it looks as it's only changing
the usernames that causes this issue.

What would be the proper was to change usernames in replies?

Is there any module which would apply the same user translations as
done with the invite to all replies and re-invites?

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

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