[SR-Users] tls_wolfssl talk at KWO: traffic generation scripts are online

Richard Chan shihping.chan at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 03:59:06 CEST 2022

Hi sr-users,

The TLS traffic generation scripts are online here:
* SIP library - fork of sippy/b2bua - use main-async branch

This branch is an async refactoring of sippy; the master branch of the repo
is the regular sync+elperiodic version.

* runtime UA generation scripts:

This repo contains the TLS-client transport (sippy out-of-the-box supports
UDP); also gratuitously uses the match/case syntax for fun (so needs Python

* no documentation: the scripts/t_register.py and scripts/t_phone.py should
give you an idea how to create UACs.

The script in the talk is scripts/t_register.py - creates SIP UACs that sit
in an infinite loop and do REGISTER and keepalive ('\r\n\r\n').

Disclaimer: this is not a SIP-scenario framework like SIPp; SIP messages
are programmatically created using sippy; e.g., the test scenario does not
need to handle RTP media so the SDP body is a hardcoded string.

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