[SR-Users] Kamailio + RTPEngine SIP Proxy...

Jerry Kendall Jerry.Kendall at BishopHosting.com
Mon Sep 5 06:15:30 CEST 2022

Hi There,

It's been a few years since I joind the group and I have watched and learnt and played but, I am stuck...

I have searched hi & low but I can't seem to find what I am looking for.

Is is do-able to have SIP Phones proxy through Kamailio/RTPengine and have the connection relayed to a freeswitch system where all the work is done.

I need to have Kamailio act as proxy ONLY - no need to do AUTH, and I need Kamilio to have the RTPEngine have the media but only as proxy.

I have FreeSWITCH doing all the IVR/VM/CONF/etc....


1) The SIP Phone sends everything to the Kamailio system, the Kamailio system will relay everything to the FreeSWITCH system (requests and replies)

2) The FreeSWITCH system will send everything to the Kamailio system which will relay everything back to the SIP Phone (requests and replies)

3) The SIP phones are behind NAT

4) The Kamailio and FreeSWITCH systems are on the public internet with public IP addresses

I have found a few sample kamailio.cfg files but, I can get REG to make it through but no SUBCRIBE wont get NOTIFYs back, etc...

I seem to get parts but not all the way.

If this is doable, and I assume it is, is there a config file someone can share with me? or point me to?


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