[SR-Users] using LDAP as database ?

Volker Denneberg v.denneberg at m3connect.de
Tue Sep 28 13:20:32 CEST 2021


I am searching for a setup where phones register at a central kamailio and kamailio shares these contact infos with multiple asterisks.
So they all need to share a database. For redundancy reasons, the database should work across 2 datacenters.

As far as 1 understood there are some options

  *   use mysql - good chances to find example code, Siremis API, seems to be the standard solution
  *   use redis - more performant than mysql
  *   use ldap - good chances to integrate with existing IT management but most difficult to configure

Maybe I missed a better approach?

Kamailio's ldap driver (http://www.kamailio.net/docs/modules/5.3.x/modules/db2_ldap.html) seems to be from 2008 - is it still recommended ?

Kind regards,
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