[SR-Users] DMQ module issues

Zé Santos individuoestima at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 09:30:47 CEST 2021

Hi guys, I am currently using kamailio v5.2.5 and running it inside a
container. I already attempted to upgrade the kamailio to the latest
version however the problem persists.

This is the core dump that I got from using gdb:

Core was generated by `/usr/sbin/kamailio -f
> /etc/kazoo/kamailio/kamailio.cfg -m 512 -M 64 -x tlsf -w'.
> Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
> #0  0x000000000071c63c in select_cfg_var (res=0x7ffd57d49b10,
> s=0x7f2649395040, msg=0x7ffd57d4c340) at core/cfg/cfg_select.c:211
> 211 i = *(int *)p;

It seems that the problem is with this line:

modparam("dmq", "notification_address", "sip:DMQ_NOTIFY_ADDRESS")

Also, I only have this issue while running on an AWS instance, I have the
same setup on my local computer, however kamailio is able to start

While kamailio is starting, I have this line

#!substdef "!DMQ_NOTIFY_ADDRESS!!g"

It seems that after DMQ is able to obtain the IP address, when it comes to
actually sending the message, it is interpreting the ip address of the
DMQ_NOTIFY_ADDRESS as an integer and then it gives out a segmentation fault
and the module stops.

Another interesting thing is that if the DMQ_NOTIFY_ADDRESS is the
MY_IP_ADDRESS variable instead of the, it seems to work


It also doesn't seem related to the ip being in a variable, since I already
tried using a DNS record, and once again, it is able to obtain the IPs from
the DNS record, and the same issue applies.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this? I can't find any evidence of this
actually happening.

Thank you kindly for your time.

Best Regards,
José Santos
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