[SR-Users] Fwd: Catching an overall timeout after dropping replies

Marrold kamailio at marrold.co.uk
Wed Sep 15 14:29:36 CEST 2021


This is partially related to a previous thread -

We are using the TSILO module to suspend transactions whilst we wait for
mobile app users to register after receiving a push notification.

In the time we are waiting for the app to register, other UAs might reject
the call (DND, Busy, etc). To avoid this failure response being relayed to
the caller, we use t_drop_replies in the failure_route.

Eventually if all devices have rejected the call Kamailio times out and
sends a 408 Request Timeout. Is there any way we can catch this error, and
replace it with the last response we got from an actual UA?

t_is_expired() and t_branch_timeout() don't seem to apply as they're on the
*called* side. Is there another option to catch this overall timeout?

As a side note, failure_route is quite limited in the actions that can take
place there. Is it safe to access variables and update a htable?

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