[SR-Users] dmq_usrloc writes to database on other nodes too

Maarten Ureel maarten at youreal.eu
Fri Oct 15 10:38:24 CEST 2021

I have the idea that if you enable dmq_usrloc, the other nodes that receive the usrloc info, also try to write to database.
We see this by a lot of errors indicating the index violation on postgres.

What is the easiest way to tell Kamailio that it does not need to store the usrloc in database if the data came through a DMQ message?

Currently I have in my config:
    # DMQ processing
    if(is_method("KDMQ") && $Rp == 5090) {

I have understood that no further processing happens then. So is my assumption correct that my other handling of REGISTER will not be used then?

As in, can you handle this in code that it will only store the register information in memory? Like this?

# Registration handling
route[REGISTRAR] {
    # If coming from DMQ, don't save to database
    if(dmq_is_from_node()) {
        save("location", "0x01")
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