[SR-Users] Call to MS Teams

Володимир Іванець volodyaivanets at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 17:04:49 CEST 2021

Hello all!

I'm trying to make a call from the system with Kamailio to a MS Teams. I
can answer in the Teams client, system will receive response 200 OK and
audio streams will be started.

The problem I have is that after a short period of time Teams sends BYE
with the reason "An acknowledgement was not received for the call
acceptance in the allotted time". If I try to hangup from the system side,
Teams will receive BYE and respond with "481 Call Leg/Transaction Does Not
Exist" - "Call leg unavailable".

It looks like Teams can not match and accept ACK request to finish
establishing the call and the following requests have the same problem.

I was wondering if someone had this problem before or can share a SIP
packet capture (of course with hidden addresses and domain names) of a
correctly established and completed call to Teams?

Thanks a lot!

Regards, Volodymyr Ivanets
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