[SR-Users] UAC reg_random_delay

Henning Westerholt hw at gilawa.com
Tue Nov 2 19:59:28 CET 2021


this are two different concepts:

  *   reg_random_delay is a global parameter to randomize the registration delay for the records
  *   reg_delay is a parameter for the individual contacts

So it seems to randomize the reg_delay value due to the set reg_random_delay for records with reg_delay = 0.
Could you maybe also observe a second registration after the initial registration, if it stills send out all requests the same time?



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Hi there,

May I know what exactly is supposed to be "delayed" in the UAC registration?

modparam("uac", "reg_random_delay", 20)

I have records stored in DB with reg_delay=0. When doing uac.reg_dump, I do see the value of reg_delay being random for various records.

However, after restarting Kamailio, the registrations are all sent out simultaneously, there doesn't seem to be a "delay", whatever the purpose is supposed to be.

Can someone clarify please?

Kamailio 5.5.0

Thanks. Regards,
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