[SR-Users] Possible memory leak on 5.5.x (new)?

George Diamantopoulos georgediam at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 16:53:29 CEST 2021

Hello all,

I'm still investigating the (most likely non-kamailio-related) memory leak
of my previous message to the list, there have been no developments so far.
I'll update if anything changes.

This concerns a new finding which seems to affect kamailio 5.5.x. I have
two kamailio instances receiving the same traffic via round-robin. I
upgraded only one of them to 5.5.1 and left the other to 5.4.6 as I feared
of any issues arising. I was lucky to do so, because with identical
configuration, 5.5.x seems to run out of SHM very quickly. Here are links
to graphs produced by our monitoring system:

Old kamailio (no memory leak): https://pasteboard.co/K8fVBiD.png
New kamailio (possible leak): https://pasteboard.co/K8fVS9N.png

The configuration uses mtree, htable, vars and vns extensively. Has anyone
come across anything similar? Let me know if I can provide any further
information to help disect this. Thanks!

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