[SR-Users] potential PRACK related topos bug

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Tue Apr 20 11:23:55 CEST 2021

Daniel-Constantin Mierla writes:

> The 404 is not sent from the C code of the topos module, can you
> identify what are the cases in your config when a 404 is replied? PRACK
> should have To-tag, so it should via requests within dialog branch.

Yes, 404 is sent from the script:

   if (!loose_route_mode("1")) {
        if (is_method("ACK")) {
            if (t_check_trans()) {
            } else {
                xdbg("Discarding unmatched $rm <$ru> by <$fu>\n");
        } else {
            xnotice("Discarding in-dialog $rm <$ru> without Route header\n");
            send_reply("404", "Not found");

This has worked OK also with 183/PRACK when topos is not in use.  If I
add PRACK to the if test:

        if (is_method("ACK") || is_method("PRACK")) {

then "Discarding unmatched PRACK ..." is written to log.

-- Juha

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