[SR-Users] SRTP/TLS BYE Problem with One of the Legs of the Call

conradcordeiro at gmail.com conradcordeiro at gmail.com
Sat Sep 19 05:59:17 CEST 2020


Thank you for your reading this and for your help.

I'm a Kamailio newbie and managed to set up an edge proxy, which works 
perfectly on UDP traffic. I'm now attempting to deploy TLS/SRTP and 
everything almost works perfectly. The single issue I'm having is that 
when either of the parties to an SRTP/TLS call disconnect, the other 
party's call remains active. With UDP, when one of the parties 
disconnects the call, the other leg of the call receives the BYE command 
and the call automatically disconnects.

This is how I have our infrastructure set up:

1. Twilio SIP Trunk with Secure Media enabled.

2. Kamailio 5.4.1 set up with TLS module, set to listen on TLS port 
5061, SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt, route set to our phone system.

3. Phone system is Asterisk.

As per above, everything works almost perfectly with TLS/SRTP. The only 
issue is that calls will not disconnect when one of the sides hang up. 
If I disable TLS/SRTP and use UDP only, everything works.

Audio is just fine with TLS/SRTP.

Does anyone know why calls with SRTP/TLS will not disconnect 
automatically when one of the parties ends the call?

Thank you,


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