[SR-Users] Proxying BFCP

René Hansen rene.hansen at airtame.com
Tue Sep 15 10:54:44 CEST 2020


I'm rather new to Kamailio and RTPEngine, so I'm looking for some help in
locating any insights, documentation, guides or examples that resemble my
use case.

Currently I've got both running in working order and I can do SIP calls
with both video and audio. Now I'm trying to figure out how to pass through
BFCP as well. From what I understand so far, since BFCP isn't strictly RTP,
it's not something that's outright supported. Please correct me if my
assumption is wrong.

My observation is that "*m=application PORT {UDP,TCP}/BFCP **" SDP lines
doesn't seem to open for traffic as other media lines do. (Obviously
expected if it's not supported)

So I'm really just looking for any suggestions for, or where to start
looking, in getting BFCP support.

I do have the option of BFCP over both TCP and UDP, so if I could somehow
include the originator IP as an added attribute in the re-written SDP
answer, I could then just connect directly, around the proxy. I've yet to
figure out how to do that as well however.

Any pointers are much appreciated.


René Hansen
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