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note that other processes are created by kamailio, not only sip worker
processes. For example, there will be timer processes.

The dedicated worker processes are only for UDP sockets, not for tcp/tls
(here is a single pool of workers for all tcp/tls sockets). If you do
not receive traffic on a specific udp socket, then do not listen to it,
you have a group of processes not doing anything. If you need to listen
on a socket, but have less traffic (e.g., used for monitoring), then use
workers parameter before listen, so you get less worker processes for
that udp socket.


On 01.09.20 12:03, Ali Taher wrote:
> Hi,
> I just want to ask regarding the children number and listening
> interfaces set in Kamailio configuration.
> I am given to understand that the total number of worker processes
> there will be (children_setting * listeners) , so assuming I have set
> children=12 and listen=udp: (which is the interface IP
> where the SIP packets as received), in this case there will be 12
> worker processes and 12 database connections to postgresql (I’m using
> My question is if I set listen=udp: , knowing that I have
> 3 interfaces, in this case the number of worker processes will be 36.
> Is this good configuration ? will the other 24 processes be used or
> they are reserved to the 2 other interfaces which are not receiving
> any SIP packets and then will be useless ?
> Regards,
> Ali Taher
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