[SR-Users] Proxy configuration that exit dialog afer INVITE -> OK

Adrian Tabacioiu Adi.Tabacioiu at c-s.ro
Thu Nov 5 11:26:16 CET 2020

Hello all,

Am I new in the usage of kamailio, sorry if I ask somehow something simple
or terribly wrong .

I need to test a configuration of Kamailio which exit the dialog between
UA after the first OK (that means it will not receive the following ACK,

I understand that in theory this is possible in two configuration types:
- no Record Route header
- or stateless proxy

First question:
Am I correct with the choices above?
Can I find example configuration for this two modes ?

Question 2:
two or more proxy should be inter-connected, removing the Record Route
header would interfere with proxy routing ? (should not the "Via"
information be sufficient?)

Thank you in advance for help.

Best regards,
Adrian Tabacioiu

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