[SR-Users] Kamailio TLS server hello without any client certificate request

Patrick Murphy patmurph7 at outlook.com
Wed Jan 29 13:50:02 CET 2020

Hey guys - I'm using the following settings on my Kamailio 5.1.1 (x86_64/linux) config:

modparam("tls", "low_mem_threshold2", 1024)
modparam("tls", "tls_force_run", 1)
modparam("tls", "tls_disable_compression", 1)
modparam("tls", "ssl_max_send_fragment", 4096)
modparam("tls", "renegotiation", 0)
modparam("tls", "low_mem_threshold1", 2048)
modparam("tls", "require_certificate", 1)

When a client attempts to connect to Kamailio, the server hello it receives does *not* contain the client certificate request. And I've noticed that kamailio starts with:

tls [tls_domain.c:694]: set_verification(): TLSs<default>: No client certificate required and no checks performed
tls [tls_domain.c:320]: fill_missing(): TLSs<default>: require_certificate=0

Any hints?

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