[SR-Users] Kamailio on Docker

Jack R roughj at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 14:13:47 CET 2020


Please advise have you tried deploying Kamailio (just plain SIP server)
with mysql on Docker.

I was trying the same, using Kamailio & mysql images on
however there are two issues that I was facing:

1. I ran Wireshark on server & inside container I am getting 403 Not
relaying and SIP client MircoSIP does not connect. Request reaches the
server and the container however it gives 403 Not relaying.

I thought to print myuri value from Kamailio.cfg, to understand the issue
better however then comes the second issue as below:

2. This is a bigger issue: I am not able to generate any logs -no syslogs,
no docker logs (very limited logs get generated). Hence not able to
troubleshoot anything.

Please advise and help.

Thanks and Regards,
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