[SR-Users] Implicit branch creation and private variables questions

George Diamantopoulos georgediam at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 22:09:51 CET 2020

Hello all,

I'm trying to accomplish the following scenario, and some questions have
been raised during testing: I'd like to be able to fork serially to a
number of downstream destinations in case of failure, but also try several
hosts which are available per destination network before failing over to
the next one. To that end, I'm using something similar to the following:

request_route {
$vn(some_var) = "some_value";
$vn(some_other_var) = "some_other_value";
$avp(provider_order) = "last_provider";
$avp(provider_order) = "first_provider";
t_set_fr(120000, 2000);

if ( is_avp_set("$avp(provider_order)") ) {
if ( $avp(provider_priority) == "first_provider" )
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