[SR-Users] Param.valueat not returning special chars

Duarte Rocha duarterocha91 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 18:10:18 CET 2020


I've run into a problem while using parameters parsing tools from Kamailio.
When i request the value of a parameter it discards some characters like ""
for example.

Here is an example :

$var(Parameters) = "kamailio=\"version5\";sip=hey";
xerr("String Parameter = $var(Parameters)");
xerr("Parameter on position 1 = $(var(Parameters){param.name,0}) and has
value = $(var(Parameters){param.valueat,0})");

This code returns :
ERROR: <script>: String Parameter = kamailio="version5";sip=hey
ERROR: <script>: Parameter on position 0 = kamailio and has value = version5

Is there anything i can do to get the original string?

I'm running Kamailio 5.2.0.

Best Regards,

Duarte Rocha
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