[SR-Users] RTPEngine performance - How far are you pushing your systems

davy van de moere davy.van.de.moere at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 12:52:06 CET 2020

Dear all,

Not a direct question on kamailio, but on rtpengine, so feel free to ignore

I have a farm of rtpengine servers , supporting our set of kamailio's.

On recent decent hardware (hp dl360 gen9/10 servers), I typically push my
systems upto 2500 channels per machine. Then I tend to see the load of the
machine go up in a logarithmic manner. E.g. a load of 3 supports 2500
channels, but when its at 3000 channels, load can be at 8. etc.

I have the kernel module running, and I have a good impression it's being
used too. No transcoding is going on, no recording, ... I've tried on
different OS'es, different network cards, and I always end up at that 2500
channels +-.

Is that what I can expect from rtpengine? Or am I really overlooking
something? What numbers do you push out of your systems?

kind regards and happy 2020!
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