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for the sake of having it in the archive, given that an issue on this
topic was also opened on bug tracker ...

The connection to MSRP server/relay is done by the end point/UA. MSRP is
done over TLS (or TCP), the server cannot connect to the endpoint
(especially if it is behind the nat). If you replace the MSRP relay
address, then the server cannot deliver the messages to the endpoint.

With RTP is another story -- it is over UDP and the RTP relay (like
rtpproxy or rtpengine) wait for the first packet from the endpoint in
order to be able to send back to it.

In MSRP case, the UA should have options in config to set the MSRP
relay, also username and password for authentication over MSRP. From
this perspective, MSRP relay is like a TURN server.


On 25.12.19 10:49, Sergey Safarov wrote:
> I want proxy MSRP data on kamailio for SIP call (not websocket).
> To do this need update connection information for "message" media in SDP.
> How i can properly do it only for one media (other medias will be
> proxed using rtpproxy or rtpengine ).
> Looks as fix_nated_sdp fix for all medias in SDP.
> Sergey
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