[SR-Users] Presence - issue with NOTIFY "terminated" state

Zhan Bazarov chiefkeeft at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 21:23:24 CET 2020

Hello everyone! I faced some unfortunately issue with presence module. Let me
describe setup scheme a bit: I'm publishing dialog states via pua_dialoginfo
from one kamailio server(for calls proccessing itself) to another one
kamailio(standalone kamailio just for handling presence,blf,mwi etc) 

So, about issue, let's say we have device A which has outgoing subscription
to extension which belongs to device B and device C(both devices has same
extension but different usernames, webrtc+sip phone, effectively its the
same Phone, I'm using pubruri_avps to change entities from usernames to
extension) . And, in some cases,for examle, when thirtparty is making call
to this extension(B,C devices) and making CANCEL after couple seconds - I
see the PUBLISH from callserver to presence server with state "terminated',
I see 200ok response.. but presence server isn't sending NOTIFY to device A
about state "terminated", everything is good with "trying" and "early"

That problem is happening 1 of 50 tries.. I've tried a lot of things to fix
that - still are not succeed.

p.s. everything is good from logs/sip point of view...  And also, when I
disable the webrtc device - I'm not able to reproduce that issue anymore.
Looks like something wrong with case, when you have multiple different
username behind the same presentity. 

Maybe someone had same issue and may help me. Thanks! 

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